What Should be in the FY 2019 CPC Budget?

The Congressional Progressive Caucus alternative budget is an opportunity to provide the American public with a progressive budget vision. We want your suggestions! Before filling out the form, please determine whether your idea has already been included in the most recent People’s Budget, which you can view HERE

The Budget Committee looks at the bigger picture policies – the total money coming in and going out as well as public debt and overall funding for large parts of the government. Then the Appropriations Committee takes those overall budget numbers that the Budget Committee gives them in a “Budget Resolution” and gets into more detail about which funding goes to which programs.

The Budget Resolution is not a document that includes all Congressional policies in a single place. Everything in the Budget Resolution should have some kind of significant effect on the budget. It either increases or decreases the budget or moves money around within the budget.

When Budget Resolutions are considered in the House, the Rules Committee typically allows alternative budget resolutions to be voted on as amendments. The CPC’s Budget is one of those alternative budgets.

Use the attachment below to submit your recommendation(s) for the FY 2019 Congressional Progressive Caucus People's Budget. 

Deadline: March 2nd, 2018.

People's Budget Outside Group Submission (02/05/1802:18 PMET )