Support for the 21st Century New Deal for Jobs

Support for the 21st Century New Deal for Jobs

Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President

“The Congressional Progressive Caucus plan is the kind of bold vision America needs to repair and upgrade our nation’s infrastructure. This is good news for working people, who pay the cost of decades of neglect and underinvestment every day. Our transportation, water, communication and energy systems, and public facilities must be significantly improved to achieve broad-based prosperity. The CPC plan echoes what labor has been calling for -- broad infrastructure investment that creates good jobs, grows the economy, makes our country more competitive and raises the quality of life for all Americans.”


Kenneth Rigmaiden, IUPAT General President

"I applaud the work of the Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus for their bold vision. At a time when our infrastructure is crumbling, it is essential that we think big and comprehensively about not how we fix our schools, hospitals, airports, water systems,  roads, and bridges. A bolder vision for infrastructure looks beyond just improving the physical assets, but answers the essential question, how can we use public construction for the public good? This plan not only rebuilds our nation's infrastructure it empowers the connected communities."


Mark McManus, The United Association of Union Plumbers & Pipefitters General President

“The United Association of Union Plumbers & Pipefitters General President Mark McManus applauds the bill's commitment to clean water infrastructure and protections for workers and business to help secure a bright and healthy future for our country.”

“This bill is a positive first step to repair our nation’s infrastructure and to move our economy forward.”


Will Fischer, VoteVets Government Relations Director

"Thanks to the work of the Obama Administration, the veterans’ unemployment rate swiftly dropped from record highs.  Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s attacks on civil service jobs and public sector employment has disproportionately hurt veterans, meaning, once again, more of us are or will be looking for work.  The jobs created by the 21st Century New Deal for Jobs will help guarantee quality jobs for our veterans, putting us to work to create a modern infrastructure that benefits every single American and makes our nation competitive in the 21st century.  It’s a win for veterans and it’s a win for America.  It should be immediately passed, and we’re proud to endorse it,” said Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets.


Edward Wytkind, President of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD)

Washington, DC—Edward Wytkind, president of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), issued this statement in response to a 21st Century New Deal for Jobs, the infrastructure plan proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus:

“As policy leaders look to address the crisis facing our nation’s transportation systems and infrastructure, we are pleased the Congressional Progressive Caucus has released a robust investment plan.

“This plan recognizes the severity of our infrastructure investment deficit by calling for an infusion of $2 trillion in new spending to address decades of neglect and austerity measures that have too often dominated the debate in Washington.

“This level of investment will ensure all forms of transportation — including public transit, Amtrak and other passenger rail systems, roads, bridges, ports, airports and air traffic control — are expanded and modernized, and will create millions of middle-class jobs.

“Additionally, we applaud the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ commitment to our nation’s transportation manufacturing sector by calling for strengthened and more defined Buy America rules. Expanding American job creation by maximizing public purchasing power must be included in any infrastructure plan.

“This plan also rightfully applies longstanding labor protections to ensure these investments create and support the quality jobs that elude too many American families.

“We remain committed to the belief that infrastructure is not a red or blue issue. Fixing our nation’s many and serious transportation and broader infrastructure challenges will require strong bipartisan cooperation and buy-in from political leaders on both sides of the aisle.

“We look forward to working with our advocacy partners to pass a large-scale infrastructure investment package that finally ends an era of neglect that has harmed our economy and idled millions of good jobs.”


Food & Water WatchApplauds Congressional Progressive Caucus’ Infrastructure Package

Washington, D.C.— “Today, progressive leaders in Congress introduced a comprehensive new plan to update and improve our nation’s infrastructure while creating millions of new jobs. Food & Water Watch applauds this initiative and thanks the Congressional Progressive Caucus for stepping up to ensure that our nation’s roads, bridges, schools and water systems are publically funded and controlled and working for all.

“From unaffordable water service in Detroit, Baltimore and other cities, to poisoned water in Flint and East Chicago, it’s clear that our nation is facing a water crisis. Tainted water and rising service bills reflect our federal government’s dwindling support for water infrastructure, which has declined by 82 percent per capita since 1977. According to one recent study, water service may soon be unaffordable for 35 percent of Americans.

“President Trump’s approach to infrastructure will do more harm than good. It would give massive tax breaks to Wall Street and corporations, encouraging the privatization of essential resources. This plan unveiled today by the Congressional Progressive Caucus promotes public control of our shared resources, prioritizing racial and gender equality and environmental justice.

“Repairing and replacing our drinking water and sewer systems in particular is a win-win proposition: Communities can ensure the people universal access to safe, affordable water service while putting millions to work. We’re proud to support this package.”